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I advise you to escape should you seek boredom, if you stay, then be pleasantly surprised at your own risk.



This is where I will publish my finished books.

Over time you will find here both my free publications and links to the books that I will be selling.

Please be patient as it will take a while until there is more to see here.



Here you can see what I'm working on when I'm not writing something else.

In time, I hope that the projects will move to the books section so that I can present new projects here again. Time will tell when that happens.

If you like what I'm working on, please follow me on Instagram so you don't miss any updates and I feel supported.

Write in the notebook

Mark Tullius

The Californian writer I work with and exchange ideas with is a great person, with a bit of a dark sense of humour. It reminds me of my time in Berlin. He has definitely found the best recipe for a good scary story.

He writes horror, sci-fi, suspense and interesting non-fiction.

On his website, which I linked to you below, you can not only read a few of his short stories for free, but also get to know his podcast and of course his books.

Stop by and let yourself be surprised in the creepiest way.

Lucas Hohmann

Here I give you a link to my brother's website who is a photographer.

He helped me with tips and tricks with the website.

If you like this website or you are looking for a photographer, please do not hesitate to contact him.

By the way, he also runs an exciting podcast. "The Creative Cast". Be sure to check out Spotify or YouTube and give it a listen.


  If you're here to hire me as a proofreader and/or translator, don't shy away, please take a look around and feel free to contact me if you're interested or have any questions.

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